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KEA is a one-stop-shop for all professional services
a FDI needs from market entry, on-going operation, to market exit in Korea.

Subject Co-author with Globalization Partners - How to Ensure Business Success in South Korea
[16 December 2022]

I am proud to say that my first co-author article with Globalization Partners (G-P) on "How to Ensure Business Success in South Korea" is now available for your reading.

[Click here to view the co-author article]

I would like to take the opportunity to say that it was a true pleasure to work with all the great people at G-P.

Big thank you to Josh Kim, Airamae Guerrero, Basil Mencias, Lyn Kwek, and Deon Lim at G-P for the wonderful opportunity and experience.

[Article Excerpt]

South Korea has always been attractive for companies looking to expand internationally. The country is known for significant market opportunities, especially in sectors like IT, telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing, and more. Its digital-savvy population promises both a favorable market and a well-equipped talent pool.

But success in South Korea can only truly be achieved with the right guidance, especially when it comes to its complex employment regulations and practices.

G-P spoke with the founder and CEO of Korea Expansion Agency (KEA), Byungjin Lee for his insights into the present employment climate of the country — and how global companies can navigate the inevitable complexities.

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