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Subject #2. Korea Branch - Navigating Korea's Business Terrain: A Guide to Entity Selection for Foreign Investors [Jan. 2024]

Spotlight: The Korea Branch - Your Strategic Pathway in Korea 🌏🌟

Welcome back to our journey through Korea's business entities! Today, we're zooming into the Korea Branch, a direct link of a foreign parent company, perfect for those aiming to establish a strong foothold in Korea's vibrant market. 🚀

Key Features:

  • Legal Identity: Acts as an integral part of your headquarters, sharing its legal identity and responsibilities. 🏢
  • Taxation: Subject to local taxation on income generated within Korea, and is considered an independent entity for Korean corporate income tax purposes. 📊
  • Operational Control: Managed by a designated representative (can be a non-resident). 🧑💼
  • Business scope: A Korea Branch has a broad range of business activites it can perform, but since it does not require a capital injection, it is an option to consider for easier market entry. 💡💰

Establishment Roadmap:

  • Step 1: Securing a Business Address - Fundamental for legal and operational setup.
  • Step 2: Registration with a foreign exchange bank in Korea - Initiating formal establishment.
  • Step 3: District court registry - Completing legal formalities.
  • Step 4: Obtaining a tax identification number - Ensuring compliance with Korean tax regulations. #BusinessSetup #CorporateStrategy

Accounting and Compliance:

  • Transfer Pricing is commonly a key consideration, and staying aligned with Korean tax laws and accounting standards is also important.

Comprehensive Support for Establishment:

  • Navigating these steps can be complex. KEA offers full support, simplifying each process for a smooth establishment of your Korea Branch.

Closing Insights: The open liability to the head office is a crucial consideration, as the Head Office (Parent company) holds full legal responsibility for the branch's operations. However, the flexibility of no capital requirement and the ability to engage in profit-making activities make the Korea Branch an intriguing choice for entering the Korean market. 🤔💼

What's Next: Stay tuned as we delve into the Joint Stock Company (Jusik Hoesa), exploring another key facet of Korea's business landscape. More insights to come! 📈🔍

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