Korea Expansion Agency “KEA”

KEA is a one-stop-shop for all professional services
a FDI needs from market entry, on-going operation, to market exit in Korea.

Subject Establish Your Business in Korea with KEA’s Registered Office (Virtual Office) Services!
Understanding Korean Business Essentials
Did you know that setting up a company in Korea requires a local address and a formal office lease agreement. At KEA, we offer a streamlined solution with our Registered Office Services. By providing a virtual office address in Seoul, we ensure your setup is both compliant and cost-effective, ideal for companies that do not require physical office space.

Our Services
Local Business Address in Seoul:
Our virtual office address serves as your registered office, meeting all requirements for business registration with the Tax Office.

Advanced Mail Management:
We provide bi-weekly scans and English summaries of your postal mail, along with guidance on what the communications mean and what actions may be required, helping you manage your business efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose KEA?
Transparent Pricing:
No hidden fees. The price you agree on is what you pay.

Consistent Service Fees:
We ensure that your initial service fee remains constant, providing financial predictability.

Compliance and Trust:
We avoid overbooking issues common with low-cost providers by maintaining a proper balance between client numbers and available space, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Seamless Start of Services
Our services begin from the date specified in the mutually agreed-upon office lease agreement, aligning perfectly with the commencement of your business operations in Korea.

Contact KEA today to streamline your business setup in Korea!

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